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MartinsRingtones offers unique and free polyphonic and sound effect ringtones that are created specifically for use as a ringtone -- as opposed to popular music ringtones. Our 100% free polyphonic ringtones cover various styles such as country, horror, and more. Choose a free ringtone collection by theme, listen to them and download them absolutely free with the instructions specific to your cell phone. Check back regularly since we add more free polyphonic ringtones from time to time.

Buzz-Tones Ringtones

Download our free BuzzTones ringtones, inspired by the urban lifestyle and today's electric life.
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Far West Melodies Ringtones

Listen to and download our unique Far-west free ringtones, our best achievement so far. They were composed by Martin, our home ringtone artist.
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Ghost Ringtones

Download our foggy atmosphere ghostly ringtones for free. Listen to these spooky sound effect ghost ringtones.
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Horror Ringtones

No need to wait for halloween to download one of Martin Plante's free horror ringtones. Check them out.
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Ringtones-a-gogo Ringtones

Our GoGo series is inspired by the strip-tease music style. Download them for free and make a hit at your next night out in town.
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Short Ringtones

Listen to and download our original fast-paced and short and sweet 100% free ringtones.
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Silent Ringtone

Why a silent ringtone? Download it and assign it to contacts you don't want to talk to or use it when you want to silence your phone ringtone but not necessarily the text message one.
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Techno Ringtones

Download Martin Plante's free techno ringtones. These are not actual techno hits. Better yet, they are original creations by our home ringtone artist.
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Tropical Ringtones

Surprise everybody with our unique tropical-flavored 100% free to download ringtones. Hear them ringing and swinging.
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Unclassified Ringtones

Download our impossible to classify ringtones.
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Zemob Ringtones

Here are our free Zemob ringtones, in standard MIDI format, compatible with most cell phones.
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