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Methods To Transfer Free Ringtones To The Plum Flipper / Plum D105

Picture of the Flipper, by Plum
The web is full of potential free ringtones for your Plum Flipper : your own MP3 songs, MIDI files available on Internet, etc. This page exposes different approaches available to add a free ringtone to your Plum Flipper.

Here are the tips:

Try a memory card:

The Flipper features a microSD memory card reader. If your personal computer can also read that type of card (Most notebooks are so-equipped), you should be able to save music files

Smart ringtone techniques, isn't it? Should you share this with your friends?

Via a 3G Uploader:

If the above-mentioned tips fail or if you prefer not to buy new accessories, you can always use one of the numerous free '3G Uploader' services available online. A search on Katapulco should retrieve plenty of them. 3G uploaders work as follows: Transfer your own ringtones on their web site and they will provide a URL. Navigating to that URL with your Plum Flipper's browser will download the free ringtone.


Here are links to some of the free ringtones (Plum Flipper-compatible) offered here at

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