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Methods To Download Free Ringtones To The Micromax Vdeo 1

Picture of the Vdeo 1, by Micromax

Did you know you can use your own MP3 songs as ringtones on your Micromax Vdeo 1? Or free MIDI files you can download from the Internet? There are several ways to get free ringtones for your Vdeo 1 and it's easier than you think. We'll show you a number of methods you can easily use.

Here are the tips:

Use a ringtone application

The Micromax Vdeo 1 is an Android phone and there are plenty of free ringtone apps such as MP3 Cutter, Zedge and more.

Via Bluetooth:

The Micromax Vdeo 1 is Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth is a wireless system which lets you connect your cell phone to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. If your computer is also Bluetooth-enabled, simply establish a connection between both devices and transfer any music file from your computer to your Micromax Vdeo 1.

Smart ringtone techniques, isn't it? Should you share this with your friends?


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