Free LG Q8 Ringtones & 3+ Downright Easy Ringtone Tricks

Techniques To Transfer Free Ringtones To The LG Q8 / LG H970

Picture of the Q8, by LG

Your computer is full of potential free ringtones for your LG Q8 : your own MP3 songs, the MIDI files that can be found on Internet, etc. This page exposes various approaches you can take to add a free ringtone to the LG Q8.

Here are the tips:

Try a memory expansion card:

Your Q8 has a MicroSD memory card reader. If your personal computer can also read that card type (Most laptops are so-equipped), you should be able to save a music file

Simply navigate to it:

The Q8 is a smartphone. Most smartphones will let you save any song found online by tapping and holding your finger on it, then selecting 'save.' Once a music file is saved to your media library, tap-and-hold it and select 'assign' from the drop-down menu.

Why not use a free ringtone app?

The LG Q8 is an Android phone and there are plenty of free ringtone apps such as MP3 Cutter, RingDroid (open source) and more.

Using a USB connection:

The Q8 is compatible with the 'USB Mass Storage' norm. Get a USB cable (There might be one in your LG Q8 package) and, linking your LG Q8 to your computer should make it appear as a memory key. Open it and just drag songs or other sound files straight to your phone, as if it was a folder in your computer. For the remaining steps, please refer to your LG Q8 manual. The ringtone section should explain how to assign an uploaded file as a ringtone.

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