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Methods To Add Free Ringtones To The BLU Vivo 5 Mini

Picture of the Vivo 5 Mini, by BLU

There are fast and easy ways to get free ringtones for your BLU Vivo 5 Mini (also called: BLU Vivo Mini 5) . We'll show you how you can easily download or transfer files from your own computer or the Web in numerous ways. Do not miss out on some of the easiest ways you can get free ringtones for your Vivo 5 Mini.

Here are the tips:

Try Using a memory card:

Your BLU Vivo5 Mini sports a MicroSD memory card slot. If your laptop or personal computer has a slot for that card format (Most laptop computers are so-equipped), you should be able to transfer music files

Just use the web:

The BLU Vivo5 Mini is a smartphone. Most smartphones should let you save any music file you could find online by touching and holding your finger on it and selecting 'save.' Once a music file is added to your memory card, touch-and-hold it and choose 'assign' from the contextual menu.

Download one of many free BLU Vivo 5 Mini ringtone apps

The BLU Vivo 5 Mini is an Android smartphone and the Android market offers a bunch of free ringtone apps such as MP3 Ringtone Maker, Myxer and more.

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Here is a sample of the free ringtones (compatible with your BLU Vivo 5 Mini) we offer:

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